The Signal to Noise Award is a collaboration between Gilded Audio Design and UnionDocs which provides an opportunity for an audio project to come to life by awarding one applicant a production grant to pursue their project or series. The award celebrates creative work that synthesizes audio documentary and experimental sound design. 

The award includes: $5000 for production, production consultation and technical support from Gilded Audio Design, editorial consultation from the staff of UnionDocs, and a celebratory event at the UnionDocs space in Brooklyn. The winner will receive a free Hindenburg Journalist PRO license, and all applicants will receive a 6-month Hindenburg trial, plus a discount code towards the full license. The only requirements for the award are that the proposed project must use creative or experimental sound design to help support the message of the project and that all projects must have a “documentary” element (fiction or hybrid projects will be considered so long as there is a documentary element). 

All styles of audio production will be considered: radio, podcast, installations, theatre, exhibitions, hybrids, etc. 


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Extended Techniques is a lecture series hosted at Gilded Audio Design’s studio intending to amplify creative audio production ideas by inviting a progressive artists and engineers to share their knowledge and demonstrate their methods.  Through demonstration and discussion, our featured speakers will open the audience’s minds to new avenues of creation - connecting members of the audio community and fostering an attitude of sharing and co-operative professional development.


Zach Poff: Hidden Sounds

Date: June 28th, 2018

Time: 7:00pm

In this talk, Zach will introduce recording techniques using D.I.Y transducers to reveal hidden sounds & sonify non-acoustic phenomena. Together, we will explore contact mics, hydrophones, synesthetic light-to-sound conversion, and electromagnetic pickups. We will listen to examples of sound art, music, and installations where these techniques stretch our ears toward new ways of considering our natural and built environments. These techniques are quite accessible for those with more curiosity than money.  Zach will also share his resources to help you build transducers for your own work.

Zach Poff is a New York area media artist, educator, and maker-of-things. His artwork is rooted in open systems that eschew individual authorship in favor of collaborative or generative models. His algorithmic remixes of popular media  uncover hidden subtexts lurking inside familiar forms (Radio Silence, Video Silence). Other recent work employs unique sound tools to explore the web of social and ecological relationships that challenge and sustain us (Pond Station, Sferics). He considers his art-making, teaching, and software development to be contributions toward a culture of sharing & empathy, in direct opposition to commercial media’s cult of the individual.



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